About me

write, research, blogedit, tweet, and sometimes even photograph and produce podcasts and stories in other media.

For the last five years, I worked closely with a Nobel prize-winning economist at Columbia University, conducting research and editing his articles, academic papers, and books. I have worked on best-selling trade books, more than a dozen edited volumes, scores of op-eds — including a series in The New York Times — and some 80 academic articles.

Before my tenure as an editor at Columbia, I completed a master’s program at the university’s School of International and Public Affairs. In 2009, I moved to East Africa, where I reported for GlobalPost. Earlier, I lived in Syria for two years, where I worked for the UN and learned to speak Arabic. I’ve also lived or worked in Lebanon, Ghana, and Nigeria.

Check out my blog for my perspective on current events in the places I have lived. Whether I’m writing about San Francisco, Nairobi, Beirut, or Homs, my deepest interest is understanding the context — historical, economic, and political — of the headline news.