Did someone say military industrial complex?

This article in the Times about the decision Obama will have to make about whether to keep producing the F-22 reminded me of my “Obama Is Only the First Step” post, because it shows how difficult it will be for the United States to stop being a war machine. As we try to transition to being a country not at war, we will have to face much more than an ideological or strategic shift: we will face the daunting economic imperative of war. War-making has become a deep part of our identity, tied to our patriotism, our moral compass and our livelihoods.

This little piece on the F-22 is nice because it’s one of the most straightforward documentations of how the military-industrial complex keeps us in the business of making war.

Of course, we’ve known that for at least 48 years, and haven’t done or been able to do anything about it. A good moment to re-watch Dwight D. Eisenhower’s 1961 farewell speech!

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