Announcing my full participation in Twitter

So apparently Twitter is the next big thing, blah blah blah yakkity smakkity.

I must admit that I still don’t REALLY get the effin point. Seems like the ultimate in sound bytes, and unless you’re in a plane crash or being held hostage by terrorists, who the hell really cares what you have to say in 140 characters? And why can’t you say it via email, regular blogging or a text message to your brohamskis?

But I don’t want to be left out of the loop. So I’ve started using Twitter. I’m using it mostly for little haiku-ish revelations that I’m having during the day–the kind of things we all have, every day–and feeding it to the right-hand side of this blog. Here’s the pure RSS feed.

I’m actually finding it a pleasurable way to keep a little journal. Any medium that has clear boundaries is fun to be creative with–funny in that way that rules and structure can be a good basis for freedom. I guess that’s the philosophy behind the haiku and any other fixed-form poem.

Anyway, I hope this provides you a modicum of extra Net enjoyment.

2 thoughts on “Announcing my full participation in Twitter

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