Re: Twitter

Here’s an email I received from a friend who works in Web promotion, in response to the sentiments expressed in my last post about finally succumbing to Twitter. He’s on point, and I’m just glad I’m not the dude he describes in the first graf (right? fellas?):

“All this social networking is annoying because most people don’t have shit to say.  They have no draw, no product, no expertise in anything, they aren’t funny, they offer no insight and no one cares about their stupid lives.  They’re yelling into the void and hoping that if they yell loud enough and often enough someone will pay attention.  People try to offer themselves as the draw but if their personality were that magnetic they probably wouldn’t be spending so much time on the Internet in the first place.

But if you start with something that people want then it’s to your own benefit to publicize it with whatever web 2.0 tool of your choosing. When you build up the network around whatever it is you offer, opportunities to further your own interests start popping up naturally due to the critical mass you’ve achieved.  This is why business marketing teams love web 2.0.
90% of Twitter is the most annoying of self-masturbatory internet content.  But used correctly it’s probably the easiest way to jump-start your online presence and maintain constant contact with an audience already interested in your product.”

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