Is Ahmadinejad a CIA spy?

By the logic of Iran’s conviction of Kian Tajbaksh, that is a reasonable conclusion. The Iranian-American academic was sentenced to 15 years in prison last week, partly for having been in contact with Gary Sick, an American expert on Iran based at Columbia University. Part of the allegations are that Sick is a CIA agent. In a refutation of the charges, Sick notes that he’s spent more time with Iranian officials than he has with Tajbaksh. Sick asks if they should also be investigated for connections to him. This is an important piece by a guy who is, ironically, sometimes accused by right wingers of being in cahoots with Tehran. Read it here on The Daily Bea(st.

(Now, to return to East African affairs…)

One thought on “Is Ahmadinejad a CIA spy?

  1. Well, this wouldn’t be–if it were– the first time the CIA has had tangled-web connection to leaders in Iran–think George H Bush, Dick Cheney and more…over the decades

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