Pretty cool: “Di Bombs”

Don’t know anything about this artist, the “first Afrobeat Poet, Ikwunga,” but enjoy.

Hat-tip SG and LL.

Update: So apparently this clip was originally featured on Chris Blattman’s excellent blog a few days ago, which explains why two different people emailed it to me at the same time. A good find.

Update 2, or, The Politics of Hat-Tipping: So my original hat-tipper, based in Nairobi, claims he identified this clip independently of Blattman’s blog — or at least violently accuses me of some sort of cultural imperialism for assuming that he got it from that blog. I have no way of verifying his claim, but for your consideration:

What if Chris Blattman and I saw the video at the same time…. I don’t have the fancy blog outlet he has that led [other friend] to send you the link. I think there needs to be explicit ground rules for hat-tipping. Am reading a compilation of Edward Said interviews and I can clearly see how there is a great deal more concentration of the means of media production in so-called metropolitan societies and dependent peripheral societies in the Third World (where I am) are reliant upon this system of information about themselves. And so the acclaimed LGD discovery hat-tip is provided to the ‘superior’ metropole media monopoly rather than the ‘inferior’ peripheral society to whom the song was directly addressing.

To which I respond: I am so sorry to be such an imperialist pig, LOL.

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