(Sunday evening music break): This blog is not dead…

…It’s only stunned, tired and pining for the fjords (like Monty Python’s parrot).

Taking a break from blogging is like not immediately responding to a heartfelt letter from a friend. The longer you wait before writing back, the more monumental your response needs to be. Finally, the task becomes too daunting, and you don’t write at all.

And with so many significant current events (Wikileaks), my alma mater’s career services office attempting to block discussion of such news, thought-provoking articles, etc., I’ve been in exactly that position. Lots to say, but where to begin?

Let’s start here, with a song I am feeling tonight from Tanzanian artist Diamond.

Mbagala is his hood; I think the video adequately translates the story. (He’s a poor boy, empty as a pocket…) The only thing I take issue with is that Lil Weezy impression at the end. Otherwise, love it.

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