One thought on “Roots music break: Sister Rosetta Tharpe performing in a British railway station, 1964

  1. About the so called Gangs of San Francisco: the guys on Castro street are from middle class St Ignatius High School, the guy who turns to look at the girl is wearing an SI class jacket, might be Bob Saisi. Not a bad film, but shouldn’t be interpreted a “gang” film. The music’s 58-59 rocknroll, not blues. You can hear La Bamba, Johnny B Goode and of course Ray Charles. Youth for Service was looking for money from square foundations. Most of the “gangs” are car clubs, not into turf wars, drug distribution, numbers, etc. I was in one called the Black Sheep; we had a 52 Merc, wore shades, smoked Pall Malls, conked our hair, etc. Almost got into the Mission High race war at Dolores Park but arrived too late.

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