God make me funky (music break)

I first saw this video back in the states, but due to some derision heaped on it by a certain Kenyan acquaintance, I didn’t pay much attention to it.

But when I saw it playing over the counter at the local restaurant here in Dar (same place I got that pilau nyama that I posted a picture of a few days ago), it took on a different significance. It probably helped that the sound wasn’t  up too high — I’m not giving Radio and Weasel an A+ for lyrics (and I think they only get like a B+ for outfits — it looks like The Pack jumped in a transmogrifying machine with a random Williamsburg hipster, and all elements of both’s clothing were preserved when they came out).

But the dance moves… The dancing had me feeling like The Headhunters singing God Make Me Funky: if I could move like that, well, I don’t think I’d care about too much else.

You know some people pray for wealth
But I don’t even want my health
And when I get on my knees to pray
Well the only thing that I can say:
God, God… God make me funky!

Here you go, “Bread and Butter” by Radio and Weasel:

(All my friends can calm down: I’m not trying this in public any time soon. I reserve the right to attempt it in the privacy of my home, however.)

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