Dangriga, Belize: Photos from before the digital age

Before I published my last post, about Aurelio Martinez’s “new” album, I wrote my Belizean-American-San Franciscan (last modifier should really come first) friend, director Ezra J. Stanley, to see if he had some good pics from the Garifuna community where he has family roots.

Well, I didn’t get a response before my post went up, but boy was it worth the wait. It is with humility that I share Ezra’s beautiful photos of children in Dangriga, Belize: Ezra, I’m not worthy! These are some real gems from a visit he paid in 1999 — which, I remind you, was long before the vintage look became so annoyingly popular in photography. Copyright Ezra J. Stanley, all rights reserved. Enjoy.

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4 thoughts on “Dangriga, Belize: Photos from before the digital age

  1. AGE OF INNOCENCE! I love it. A lot has happened in Dangriga where these pictures were taken. Today, I happen to be in Dangriga, where we still see children riding their bikes to school, but just a little more guarded. I have new colour pix to share for all who are interested.

  2. The joy of the children in Dangriga and taking pictures of their beautiful innocent faces. Any time you have your camera you will always find happy children somewhere in the picture. Love it so much! Thanks to my wonderful nephew Ezra, your beautiful face should be in them as well!

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